BOIS DE CERF was born from the meeting of people passionate about woodworking and attracted by this noble material. A common spirit of aesthetics and creativity enabled this collaboration resulting in the realization of unique moldings hand.

BOIS DE CERF is a French brand created to promote the work and know-how
of French artisans, offering products that combine a sleek design to
quality materials and upscale as wood and its compounds to create
exceptional pieces, reflecting a work detail and a strong desire for originality.

At BOIS DE CERF, we are committed to innovate and provide products
quality, environmentally friendly. We engage in a process
eco-design in order to preserve our natural resources, approach in which
all of our partners are also involved.

We want to give the opportunity to artists to come and express our
products and giving free rein to their creativity to make some of our
ranges true works of art. The wood is not just an inert material
but becomes a living thing, changing the color and shape of the sandstone
light and time, before a medium of expression and passion.

At BOIS DE CERF we do not want to create and produce simple product
protection or accessory wood, but we want to bring new and
Love our products. It is by observing society, uses of each,
encountering designer and artists that we can propose items which
we believe are the most successful possible and especially that resemble you. we
are proud to BOIS DE CERF to be the first users of our products.

The first products of the brand BOIS DE CERF, is inspired by a modern society without
constantly in motion: the BRÂME range. This is the first protective shells for French
iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S wood. Our cases for iPhone 5/5S are primarily designed
to resist all falls or other risks that could damage your smartphone. We designed and manufactured so that it can accompany you every day and be an extension of your image with choices almost infinite customization.


BOIS DE CERF combines its high-end expertise in modern style giving birth to iconic pieces of classic heritage and a refined and innovative creation.
The French tradition of woodworking and our influence in the world of art helped us while maintaining the identity, heat and hit the woodwork; propose items to the forefront of innovation with the primary objective of protecting one of the most personal items of your life.

Each product BOIS DE CERF born of the soul of our master craftsmen and French artists who customize or design. Throughout their manufacturing process, love and passion for woodworking and this constant search aesthetics and attractiveness are the values ​​that unite us and are transmitted in each workpiece.
And in turn, the product between your hands will become a part of your own history by becoming the symbol of a strong but invisible link between our passion and yours.



They are safe and dynamic gestures pencil strokes of our artists and our design studio that helped sublimate the curves of our products, and make parts of high precision curves perfectly matching products that they protect and perfectly integrated into an aesthetic and modern landscape.

Our products are derived from extensive research and innovation, which makes real tools of protection of elegance and exception rarely achieved, far from the standards currently available. French all the know-how is reflected in each of our collections come to discover and judge for yourself!

We live in an increasingly frantic in a consumer society where the disposable became the “standard” rate. It is essential to have access to objects that everyone can attach and identify sharing moments that will remain anchored as indelible memories. It is in this sense that we try to design our products in BOIS DE CERF, making advantage of your experiences and your emotions.


BOIS DE CERF ‘s products through time with you and share every moment of your life.
Our products preserve our planet by their design and manufacturing we have wanted environmentally and eco-designed, but they have mostly been designed to image, unique and exceptional.